Bitcoin Academy au congrès annuel Blockchain de Genève «Du laboratoire au marché» 21 janvier 2019, Palexpo – Genève

Nous avons eu le plaisir de participer au “Geneva Annual Blockchain Congress” le 21 janvier 2019.

BLOCK_21.01.19_6_HD ©Violaine Martin

Francois Fischer, Co-Fondateur de a fait parti des orateurs dans le cadre du Panel sur l’Education dont le thème principal était “les besoins en formation pour les pionniers de la Blockchain”.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous les points clé évoqués par Francois Fischer:

• Learning & Development is key within the blockchain ecosystem due to the shortage of talents:
• A wide range of skills are required depending on where pioneers belong within the blockchain ecosystem
• Beyond the very diverse type of technical skills to aquire by pioneers, soft skills development are critical as well
• Companies will need to put in place learning & development measures that will enable them to remain agile enough to efficiently complete their blockchain projects-implementation
• High quality education are very often expensive limiting access to new talents
• Blockchain technology may not be mature enough to attract new talent hesitating to develop further their skills in this domain
• Blockchain technology not well known and understood by the mass and rather complex to understand
• Incertainty in the blockchain ecosystem remains. Will blockchain technology overcome its technical issues? Will blockchain bring concrete value to the industries?
• Blockchain technology will disrupt the way people interact, new business models and organisational infrastructures will emerge. Wider adoption will happen by changing mindsets and perception. Promotion and evangilization to the mass is key
• Training courses will need to adapt at the pace of the changes of the legal, political and economical and technical environment.

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